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3 Practical Ways to Meet Millennial Workplace Expectations with Technology

February 27, 2019 by Ranjit Jose

3 Practical Ways to Meet Millennial Workplace Expectations with Technology

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the workforce, with more than 35% of the labor force being millennials. Since millennials are the biggest generation in the workforce, it is important to meet their needs with technology that also fits their interests. Did you know millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025?

Millennials are an increasingly mobile workforce, and for them to be most productive they need cutting-edge technology in their hands for on-the-go usage. Here are 3 practical ways to meet millennial expectations and engagement needs with mobile technology like Hyphen’s real-time, mobile engagement platform:

Since #millennials are the largest generation in the #workforce, it is important to meet their needs while working to attract and retain top talent. Learn more from @HyphenApp:

Be aware of the ever-changing workplace dynamic

The workplace is more tech-savvy than it was 20 years ago. Implementing new technology can help companies avoid employee turnover because it provides employees new opportunities to learn new technology and develop their skills. 87% of millennials say professional development is an important part of their job. A tool like Hyphen lets the millennial employee provide feedback anytime, anywhere, but more than that millennials feel most valued at work when they are heard.

Technology like a mobile engagement application enables their employee voice and gives them the ability to more readily express their opinions, views and vital feedback for engagement process improvement. What millennial workers want is to be able to do their job efficiently, and they can’t do that without tools that give them a rapid and convenient approach. That’s what makes mobile technology so valuable in today’s employee engagement market – it’s available on-the-go so millennial employees (who are already used to mobile apps and digital-facing technology) can voice their needs anywhere, anytime. Companies have to meet millennials where they are, with the technology they expect to perform their jobs in the workplace.

That being said, millennials are unlikely to work for a company with substandard technology. To better target millennials, companies can offer benefits such as work-life balance, paid time off and remote work opportunities. However, the best way to draw the attention of millennials and hold their interest in your company is to invest in the latest technologies. 81% of millennials say state of the art technology was ideal in their working environment, over other job perks. Millennials value companies that have up-to-date technology and rank it as an important factor when considering where to work. Digging into this a step deeper, let’s dive into the expectations millennials have for technology usage:

Implement the technology millennials expect

How millennials use technology outside of the workplace leads them to what they expect when it’s implemented in their job environment. 97% of millennials say they use the internet, and 28% of them are smartphone-only internet users. However, millennials don’t just use their phones for social media, they manage their finances, pay bills, shop and watch or listen to interesting content. Millennials want smart workplace technologies to increase efficiency and personal growth.

So, when looking to adopt mobile technology into the workplace and fit it for processes like employee engagement, it’s important for companies to consider how utilizing such technology will impact the way their workforce views their process associated with it. Limited innovation and lack of professional development are two reasons millennials say they would leave their current jobs. 38% of millennials think outdated collaboration processes hinder their company innovation. In other words, millennials want roles that give them a sense of purpose with processes that meet or improve their skills. Mobile engagement technology has the critical components needed to fit into millennials everyday lives, just like banking and social media apps, but it needs to play a critical role in their professional development for it to be successful.

Millennials are tech-fluent and they need technology in the workplace to be maintained.

Millennials, and younger generations like Gen Z, want feedback technology. This is apparent in the way they interact online in mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. They are champion communicators and are constantly giving feedback as comments, direct messages, and likes. Mobile employee engagement technology needs to mimic these behaviors but also needs to add value to them. That’s where Hyphen’s model comes in – users can provide their feedback in an anonymous fashion and engage in conversations that are familiar to social platforms. This symmetry creates an extension for social communication to play a more vital position in the development and strengthening of employee engagement.

Millennials feel they can make a better impact in their roles with the use of technology, and giving them the technology they need enables them to make positive changes in the workplace and the world. In fact, 66% of millennials think their bosses could learn a lot from them about technology and its various applications to company processes. Companies that recognize the importance of this and make necessary changes will be at the utmost advantage for attracting top talent; they will see higher employee engagement, greater satisfaction, and increased retention rates. 

The #workplace is more tech-savvy now than it was in the past. Here are 3 practical ways from @HyphenApp to meet #millennial workplace expectations with technology:

Put an emphasis on attracting & retaining millennials

When looking for new ways to attract and retain the best talent, companies need to place a strong, guided emphasis on educating their workforce about new technology. This is because adding the latest technology to your company’s tools and assets is a great way to connect with the millennial generation – which is soon to replace a vast majority of the current Baby Boomer/Gen X workforce. Additionally, millennials are constantly learning and growing, and it’s important for them to have career growth opportunities if you’re going to retain them.

Millennials already use email, but using social media networking and instant messaging as ways to gain feedback at work increase employee engagement and workforce productivity. Speaking of productivity, using AI to automate small tasks gives employees more time to focus on creativity and value-added work. 56% of millennials believe that AI leads to more productivity in the workplace. Managers should make it as easy as possible to get feedback from millennial employees. Hyphen’s automated survey reminders are a key example of how AI and automation simplify tasks and shepherd increased productivity. By allowing millennials to use the tools they prefer, extra work is eliminated and productivity is increased.

Millennials are tech-fluent and they need technology in the workplace to be maintained. They care about more than just the salary; they want feedback, opportunities to grow and the necessary technology to complete their tasks. Millennials won’t go for the companies who have old technology because they need new technological innovations to best implement their ideas. Use technology to your advantage. Request your demo and see how Hyphen can meet millennial workplace expectations in technology.

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