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29 Jan 2019

The Top Challenges Facing Employee Engagement and People Analytics in 2019

It’s 2019, the year we get our employee engagement strategies together...

28 Nov 2018
people analytics | 9 min read

9 Best Practices for Implementing People Analytics

Data requires a buy-in from every level of an organization to reveal i...

30 Oct 2018
people analytics | 7 min read

How People Analytics Can Help Solve Attrition

Think of attrition as a virus to your enterprise. An effective course ...

08 Feb 2018

8 Top HR Trends To Implement in 2018

Charting the trends in HR over the last few years reveals a distinct c...

25 Jan 2018
HR tech people analytics | 2 min read

HR's Ultimate Guide to People Analytics [eBook]

Until recently, HR was stuck in the dark ages of technology. While oth...

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