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Product Updates - Jun 8 - Jun 28

June 29, 2017 by Keerthana AK

Product Updates - Jun 8 - Jun 28

Last couple of weeks were super-packed for us, with new features, powerful performance upgrades on Insights, and bug fixes.

We spent the most time this cycle on value-additions for HR and Management, in both User Apps & Insights.

Here is our update:

New features added:

  • Ability to Close a Poll - Admins can now close a poll, by entering a closing comment. The post will no longer be open for further comments. It is partcularly useful, when there are duplicate or irrelevant topics
  • Filter/Sort Posts is now live on both Android/iOS apps

Bug Fixes:

  • Caching Issue in Pulse Polls – While setting up pulse polls, the enable/disable options would not stick. This has been fixed
  • Optimizing Mobile App to load faster – Optimized & prioritized content to improve performance

What’s Coming Up:

  • Auto-Refresh of users in groups based on dimensions – For a group created based on dimensions, users are automatically refreshed if their dimensions change

Watch this space for more exciting updates in the coming weeks, as we are working on a huge module.

As always, Feedback is welcome.