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Hyphen Product Update - Automation & Enterprise Grade Reporting

January 10, 2018 by Keerthana AK

Hyphen Product Update - Automation & Enterprise Grade Reporting

Happy New Year!

2017 was a great year for Hyphen. The second half of the year saw swift progress in terms of speed, stability, and of course - new features, to serve our fast-growing set of customers.

So - What's new:

  • Unlimited Dimensions to slice & dice data to get a deeper look into Organizations:

A lot of our enterprise customers needed more than 6 dimensions to analyze their data considering the complexity of their organizations. So here it is,

    • Admins and Managers can now slice & dice data on any number of dimensions.
    • Dimensions can be updated at any point in time.
    • We have also made it easier to upload CSV - Upload CSV of any size at one shot (removed limitation of 500 rows)


  • One-Click Sharable Survey Report:

Surveys with a huge number of participants is overwhelming, especially if the results have to be analyzed manually. Hyphen crunches all this data & creates simplified aggregated view which provides the most relevant insights in an easy-to-digest & sharable way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.11.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.15.21 PM.png 


  • Auto-Map Managers & Build Org Charts - Enable Managers to focus on what's important for them:

Whenever a survey ends, the real work of creating and sharing reports begins. Hyphen saves time by building automatic org.charts and distributing survey reports faster. By Integrating customers' HRMS to Hyphen, Manager data will always remain upto date, and will ensure that access will only be given to their scope.

    • Managers no longer need to be manually added. By uploading Manager emails along with Employee emails, their relationships get auto-mapped, which can then be tweaked, if necessary.
    • Managers access to reports can be controlled by Admins.


  • SMS Alerts - Boost Engagement & Response Rates of Deskless Workforce, the ones that are hard to reach:

Some of our customers have huge workforces on the field - Sales, Customer relationship, Marketing etc, and they have no access to emails. In that case, it becomes incredibly hard to reach out to them, and hear their voice. Hyphen now allows Admins to upload employee Phone numbers to reach out to them with SMS alerts

What's Coming Up Soon:

  • Exit & On-Boarding Surveys:

Hyphen's goal is to become the most comprehensive employee engagement solution, and this is one block of that Jigsaw. Exit & on-boarding surveys provide a wealth of information to understand employee pain points in different life-stages. Soon, You can set auto-triggers to send out these surveys, and gather information instantly.

  • Action Planning on Mobile

Last year, we had experimented with Action Planning on the Web App. Seeing how well it was received, we are now extending it to Mobile as well.