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Hyphen is about actions, not just insights! - product update

July 24, 2017 by Keerthana AK

Hyphen is about actions, not just insights! - product update

From the very beginning, Hyphen’s top goal has been to help business and HR leaders take better-informed decisions faster, and take necessary actions easily. With this in mind, we are very excited to announce our newest feature: 
Action Planning.

Action Planning is a very simple "ticket system" that ensures that employees know they are being listened to, and that the best people in the company address important topics through actions or responses.

Managers and Admins can assign topics in Hyphen to a relevant person in the organization, and track it to completion. It can be done right from the mobile app or web app. There is also an action report in Insights, so that actions taken thanks to Hyphen can be quantified.



Manager/Admin can assign posts using the wrench icon, on every post: (Available in Web App)


Now when the assignee. He/She sees a notification on the "My Tasks" Tab, and it can be reviewed and responded to.(Available in Web App)


Hyphen takes care of following up with assignees, until the required action is performed. So, it's as hands-free as it can be. 

Also, When these actions are taken, all the updates are visible to the regular users/employees (Web/Mobile). The idea is to create trust & transparency across all levels of the organization. 

There is also a comprehensive report available in Hyphen Insights, which contains information on all assigned tasks/statuses & actions performed, which can act as a great quantifiable input for HR review meetings.


Close Post: (Last Month's Update that you might have missed)
Managers/Admins can now close posts, by providing an appropriate final response. 





Other Product Updates:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Tested Desktop Notifications, for consistency
  • Fixed Action Planning labels, appearing as 'Closed', instead of 'Assigned'
  • Fixed Channel Posts appearing in main feed, even though channel toggle was off. 

New Features:

  • Users can no longer flag Admin's comments. 
  • Admins can now unflag comments from their emails directly, without opening up insights App
  • Auto-Archive of posts created more than X days ago, AND contentUpdated more than Y days ago, AND having gotten less than Z comments since creation. X,Y & Z configurable.

Coming Up:

  • Big update coming up in Surveys!

We will be back with another major update soon that gives more flexibility & control to the admins.

Stay Tuned!