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Upload Users Data through a CSV file

Applicable only for Hyphen Admins

Upload New Users:

  • Create your data in a csv format (See how to create csv data in excel here) in the format specified below
  • The format mentioned above is mandatory. If your format is different, the upload will not be successful. You can find the full explanation for the fields here
  • Once the csv is ready, 
    • Go to Hyphen Insights. Navigate to Settings > Company Information > Add the names of your reporting dimensions. Dimensions are the fields used to slice and dice your data, ex: Tenure, Department, Location, Age, Function, Level etc. Hyphen allows any number of dimensions.
    • Go to Insights > Users data > Employees > Upload CSV. Upload will happen in the backend and you will receive a mail once its completed. 
    • If there is any error while uploading, please contact support@hyphenapp.io

Edit Existing Users:

  • For editing users, follow all the steps above. Whenever same user emails are encountered in the csv, the information gets updated (Duplicate records will not be created)