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Employee Engagement - Strategies & Tactics for the changing workplace

July 11, 2016 by Ranjit Jose

Employee Engagement - Strategies & Tactics for the changing workplace

A common theme that emerges when talking to CEO’s and Senior Execs at various companies is the universal acknowledgement that the nature of work is changing rapidly. Nowadays, employees join a company with the assumption that they will be there for just a few years with young professionals increasingly seeing each job as just another rung in the ladder. With the number of opportunities available in the market, and with people increasingly becoming the #1 asset of a company, it’s no wonder that CEO’s rated human capital as their top challenge 3 years in a row. Hence, with just a salary and great benefits no longer cutting it, company leaders are searching for new solutions that can help them retain the best talent.

Engaging your people effectively is a big part of this new world. While the key to retaining employees includes not only ensuring that employees feel challenged and nurtured, it is also becoming increasingly important to ensure that employees feel connected to the larger goal of the company and feel that they have a part and a say in it. In this age of employees feeling tenuously connected to the employer, companies need to engage the employee to create a stronger bond. But, when thinking about Employee Engagement, there are multiple strategies that companies can employ.

To that end, we are organizing a webinar where we will explore this topic in detail. Below is the high level agenda for this webinar:

  • Why Employee Engagement & Why should you care?
  • Warning signs of  an Engagement problem
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • A business case approach to Employee Engagement

Guiding us through this conversation will be the inimitable William Tincup along with Roopesh Nair, CEO of Hodes and Debra Kestenbaum, Chief People Officer at Hodes.

We hope you will have some time to spare and join us in this conversation.