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People Analytics Reveals Top Reasons for Attrition (and It isn't Compensation)

Attrition is the silent killer that can swiftly disable even the most successful and stable of organizations in a shockingly spare amount of time. While many companies put an emphasis on the costly ...

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How People Analytics Will Take HR to the Next Level

You’ve likely heard much about the wondrous insights and efficiencies that big data and analytics have provided to companies of all shapes and sizes. Although highly engaging marketing campaigns ...

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The Only HR Insights that matter to Leaders and Top Management

A lot of HR reports/dashboards are filled with data & not information. Making sense of this data takes a long time, which top management cannot afford.

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6 Hurdles to Overcome When Implementing People Analytics

Today's companies are using powerful analytical data to make many vital business decisions. In fact, the efficiency and accuracy of this type of data allow companies to make real-time decisions on ...

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