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Hyphen makes comments actionable - Reach out to your employees through Private Messaging!

How do I speak privately to my employees and resolve localised issues efficiently?

Comments from anonymous surveys are generally non-actionable. With Hyphen’s Private messaging feature, you can now reach out to user referencing their comments privately, and resolve issues in a trusted environment, without compromising their anonymity.

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Powerful Heatmap Segmentation

Heatmap now shows Managers’ skip level report scores, along with direct report scores. So if you want to pull out the score-cards of all managers in your Sales team with both their direct as well as N-level skip reports, you can easily do it from here.

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Export Managers’ Skip Report scores for a Survey

Improved survey report exports will help you export individual managers’ direct & skip report scores in a clean, formatted, shareable excel download report.

Hyphen upgrades its suite of continuous employee listening tools every month. Let us know if you would like to see our product live!

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