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What’s new at Hyphen

The State of Employee Engagement in 2019 – Where Do You Stand?

Find out how your engagement levels & strategies match up against your peers

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Hyphen Helps Millennial Workforce Thrive At Dream11, India’s First Gaming Unicorn

Periods of hypergrowth present both opportunities and threats, creating expanded revenue streams and market share, but also jeopardizing an organization's culture and core beliefs. In our recent case ...

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Hyphen Helps Mott Improve Engagement and Culture Across a Diverse Workforce

Manufacturers have specific challenges that can impact their culture and impede employee engagement unless they have effective tools to overcome these issues. In our most recent case study, Hyphen ...

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Transform Your Workforce Into a Powerful Asset With Hyphen’s Employee Engagement Framework & Templates

Employee engagement is critical to maximizing productivity and success. An engaged workforce leverages the full strength of every enterprise’s greatest asset, its employee base, and aligns it with an ...

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Using Strategic Workforce Planning and Employee Engagement For A Higher Performing Organization

In a competitive labor market where candidates have the favor, organizations need to have a strategic plan in place to keep them from losing their employees to better offers. The Department of Labor ...

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