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What’s new at Hyphen

4 must attend sessions at HR-Tech 2018

Now over 20 years old and aging like a fine wine, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition is once again upon us and, as a surprise to no one, the 2018 edition -- September 11 to 14 at the Venetian ...

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Viva Tech Paris & Hyphen!

So, something exciting happened last week. I was selected to attend the Viva Technology Paris event starting on July 30th and while it is always exhilarating to talk about Hyphen to new audiences, ...

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Culture is contagious: What are your employees catching?

It might be as intangible as 'the feel' of the office; perhaps it's the unspoken but quite obvious 'this is how we do things here' attitude; maybe it's made clear in the way that staff and management ...

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It's too Late if it's on Glassdoor

When a negative review shows up on forums and sites like Glassdoor, the chance to be proactive is long past.  A poor review of your company can often be a kiss of death from a talent acquisition and ...

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What I am expecting from #HRTechConf

Las Vegas will be the capital of Employee Engagement next week - can we expect Tesla giveaways like at #Dreamforce15? 

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