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What’s new at Hyphen

Hyphen Product Update: Insights 2.0, Improved Groups & Channels Administration & Non Anonymous Survey Exports

Hyphen Insights 2.0 is coming soon! Over the past few years Hyphen has cemented its place as one of the top Employee Engagement solutions in the world. Owing to a growing customer base and their ...

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9 Best Practices for Implementing People Analytics

Data requires a buy-in from every level of an organization to reveal it’s true impact. Like many other aspects of modern industry, half measures prevent an enterprise from reaching maximum ...

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6 Top HR Trends To Implement in 2019

HR departments are no longer on the outside looking in when an organization is developing growth strategies. As enterprises become more people-centric and understand that their people are, by far, ...

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7 Tech Trends HR Needs To Know For 2019

The days of HR departments trailing behind their organizational peers in technology are gone. Today’s HR has the innovative tools needed to instill a distinct level of efficiency and impact to their ...

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Hyphen makes comments actionable - Reach out to your employees through Private Messaging!

How do I speak privately to my employees and resolve localised issues efficiently? Comments from anonymous surveys are generally non-actionable. With Hyphen’s Private messaging feature, you can now ...

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8 Tips for Improving Gen Z Employee Engagement

Pause your day for a moment and take a look around your workplace. The faces seem to get younger by the day, don’t they? Good or bad, welcomed or unwelcomed, Hyphen is here to tell you that trend ...

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