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What’s new at Hyphen

Streamline Onboarding for Gig Employees to Maximize Results

The workforce grows more fluid by the day. People feel increasingly empowered to work a continual series of short-term contracts and one-off tasks as contractors and freelancers rather than shackle ...

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Hyphen Product Update - Hiring Manager Survey, New & Improved Pulse Polls & More

It's been an exciting quarter for us, as we have been working on some amazing new features that will help our users make the most of Hyphen.

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13 Steps to a Powerful Employee Onboarding Strategy

As we discussed in our previous post on employee onboarding, the onboarding process itself is a critical component to the overall employee experience and can have a drastic effect on an ...

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Employee Onboarding Goals to Ensure A Winning Strategy

An organization only gets a single opportunity to make an impactful and enduring first impression with each employee. Like most facets of life, that first impression often imprints itself on the ...

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Employee Feedback Reveals the True Impact of Compensation & Benefits

Feedback Tells You If Your Compensation & Benefits Are Hurting or Helping

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7 things HR should do in 2018 to Make Sure Business Hits Their Goals in 2019 and Beyond

Human Resource: The strategic partner transforming business While talking about organizations that prove their excellence in their respective business realms, there’s one ethos that permeates the ...

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