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What’s new at Hyphen

Hyphen Product Update: Images, e-NPS & more

Boost your Content with Powerful Images Hyphen now lets users highlight feedback & suggestions with images. Our intention was to enable employees to share their concerns around facilities, workplace ...

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A Simple Equation: Employee Feedback + Learning & Development = A Better Employee Experience

The workforce is evolving faster than ever before as vast numbers of Baby Boomers retire, only to be replaced by a seemingly endless wave of millennials. With a distinctly younger skewed demographic, ...

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Untapped Insights: Employee Feedback From Exit Surveys

If history provides us clarity for the future, then employers are well-served taking full advantage of an employee’s exit and alumni experience to benefit the entire organization. Granted, given the ...

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The True Drivers of Engagement in Your Company

Generally, Employee Engagement surveys encompass 20 to 40 diverse questions, but the main objective is not to solve individual problems or to look at individual questions’ scores in silos. Rather, ...

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