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What’s new at Hyphen

Tips for Collecting Feedback During Recruiting Process

If employees are the lifeblood of any successful organization, then recruiting is the marrow that keeps them in steady supply, providing a constant, indispensable infusion of innovation and drive. ...

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Collecting Employee Feedback From New Hires During Onboarding

Individual moments, memories, or even components don't comprise the employee experience. Instead, it involves a bigger picture, encompassing the many facets of an employee's life that converge and, ...

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Employee Feedback Is the Foundation to a Better Employee Experience

It’s a brave new world for companies, one that demands efficient, effective, and seamless solutions across all phases of employment – from recruiting and onboarding to ongoing engagement and exiting ...

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Hyphen Product Update - AI Based Moderation, Multilingual Support & Enhanced Role Based Access

It's been an exciting quarter for us, as we have been working on some amazing new features that will help our users make the most of Hyphen. With every product update, we thrive to create new value ...

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