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LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – July 28th ’16 Edition

Curious to learn how Campbell Soup Company's headquarters went from run-down and prison-like to a place employees are eager to work at? Want to know what the connection is between the UK's decision ...

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Is Your Team Firing On All Cylinders?

When analyzing some of the modern world’s most influential companies, we noticed that most of them prioritize the productivity of their individual teams; an entire company can not function at its ...

Employee Engagement, Team Performance, Teams, Millennials

July 11, 2016

by Ranjit Jose

Employee Engagement - Strategies & Tactics for the changing workplace

A common theme that emerges when talking to CEO’s and Senior Execs at various companies is the universal acknowledgement that the nature of work is changing rapidly. Nowadays, employees join a ...

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July 06, 2016

by Arnaud Grunwald

Viva Tech Paris & Hyphen!

So, something exciting happened last week. I was selected to attend the Viva Technology Paris event starting on July 30th and while it is always exhilarating to talk about Hyphen to new audiences, ...

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