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What’s new at Hyphen

LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Dec 10th ’15 Edition

To kick off this week's LEED Edition, we have the 2016 Hot Employee Engagement trends by Sarah Brennan of Accelir. We are fortunate to have been featured as one of the hot trends for the upcoming ...

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It's too Late if it's on Glassdoor

When a negative review shows up on forums and sites like Glassdoor, the chance to be proactive is long past.  A poor review of your company can often be a kiss of death from a talent acquisition and ...

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LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Dec 3rd ’15 Edition

For this week's LEED, we have a great set of articles for you. First off, a great article on the top employee engagement programs in Singapore by Akankasha Dewan. Next we tackle the challenge of ...

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