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6 Tips for Millennial Engagement

September 07, 2016 by Ranjit Jose

6 Tips for Millennial Engagement

Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2000, account for more than a quarter of America’s population, surpassing the previously dominant Baby Boomers. These inventive, technologically savvy, communicative men and women currently make up the majority of the United State’s employees. By 2018 they will make up 50% of the workplace.

So why is this important? As the number of millennials in the workplace grows, so does their influence, and the importance of having a workplace culture of effectively engaging them. Companies with executives and management that actively recognize and interact with millennials are more likely to thrive than are businesses stuck in traditional molds.

To ensure that your company is actively engaging this dominant generation, we have compiled six useful tips

1. Incorporate the World of Digital Communications

Millennials are rooted in a period of mass digital consumption. This generation is familiar with the less intimate modes of communication such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, and thus are most familiar with constantly updated, accessible media platforms. With upbeat, colorful emails, newsletters, video messages, or social media (twitter or facebook) revolving dialogues, you can speak to your employees in a way they are familiar with and will respond to!

2. Recognize Your Millennials

One American Psychology Association survey found that employees who felt employer appreciation were more likely to be passionate about their work; valued employees reported higher energy, and were more likely to be involved in and happy with their work.

Millennials really, really (really) want feedback and acknowledgement. Frequency matters. They are looking to get feedback every week preferably in real time. Although recognizing achievements in real time is often unrealistic, try to schedule it as close to the actions you’re rewarding as possible, so it reinforces the behaviors you want to encourage.

3. Use Smart Phones to Your Advantage

Smart phones are integral to the lives most people lead today. Pew Global found that “In 2013, a median of 45% across 21 emerging and developing countries reported using the internet at least occasionally or owning a smartphone, [and that in 2015], that figure rose to 54%.” On the corporate front, a study by Indeed discovered 78% of job seekers are using mobile to for the application process.

The gist is this: smartphones are going to be in your employees’ pockets during most given work days, and you can either see it as a distraction, or as a tool. By going mobile to recruit millennials talent, gauge workforce satisfaction through pulse surveys, and communicate regularly, you can refocus your employees’ energy to productive activities instead of the regular social media check.

4. Know you are Competing for Millennial Talent

Millennials are in hot demand in the corporate world.  CEB found that the average millennial job seeker on average receives 12.5% more job offers than do older job seekers.

Because these younger candidates usually have several opportunities to choose from, you can make your company stand out by offering a fun, easy-going, flexible, benefit-riddled atmosphere, and by making the application process quick through using Linkedin or one-click apply processes. 

5. Real Time is the Right Time

Millennials want to be heard. As companies are growing, employees are seeking for their voices to be heard instead of lost in the crowd. As such, it is important to constantly seek out the ideas, feedback, emotions, and pulses of this generation.

Through constant check-ins, and by monitoring trends in job satisfaction and opinions, and by acting upon this data accordingly, your millennials will be more inclined to put their best foot forward in future situations!

6. Be Adaptable and Flexible

To further increase millennial engagement in your workplace, be sure to be understanding, flexible, and adaptable with them. By encouraging employee feedback with regards to meeting schedules and project ideas, and by being flexible with their schedules, you are creating a more welcoming and inclusive work atmosphere that employees will be happier to enter on a daily basis.

To Wrap It Up…

Follow these six key tips, and your millennials are sure to be engaged! Use their growing influence to your company’s advantage, high retention, increased productivity, and heightened positivity will most definitely ensue.