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LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Feb 19th ’16 Edition

February 19, 2016 by Ranjit Jose

LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Feb 19th ’16 Edition

To kick off this week’s LEED Edition, we have a great piece by Shawn Achor, writing in the Harvard Business Review, on the benefits of peer-to-peer praise at work and the employee engagement that results out of that. We also have a few other great pieces including the one about the power of an open and honest workplace by David Cowan. Hope you enjoy these.

The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Praise at Work
By Shawn Achor @shawnachor

"As our companies continue to grow and expand and technology advances, we are finding ourselves increasingly fragmented from our social support networks both at work and at home. The digital revolution has increased our speed of work dramatically. And this research suggests that technology may also be one of the keys to connecting us back together — creating the type of effective, organic and peer-based praise people need and deserve as they endeavor to lead their teams to greater success…and hopefully greater happiness."

“Now wash your hands”: Three ways to look at employee engagement
By Lucy Adams

"People are sophisticated, messy and complex entities that need to be engaged in a variety of ways”

Be honest, now: Getting your employees to speak their minds
By William Railton

"When the boss’s feelings are at stake, it can be difficult for staff to speak honestly. But the success of businesses depends on problems being reported early and processes improved constantly. So how can managers incentivise constructive criticism, and show that it won’t be taken personally?"

Top tips to keep hold of your most talented employees
By Pure Resourcing

"Give employees a voice - One of the key enablers for achieving employee engagement is to ensure that employees have a ‘voice’. Develop a culture where new ideas can be expressed and a collaborative approach is adopted to fuel discussion and engagement. A company where staff feel empowered to speak their minds is one that is likely to have good levels of employee retention."

Maybe your workplace should be a democracy
By David Cowan

"In the 21st century, democracy can help make companies more successful – it makes for a workplace in which employees are respected, included and consulted. One where their views are heard, responded to, and even form part of the solution. This is the true power of the modern organization, where there is greater openness."