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It's too Late if it's on Glassdoor

December 08, 2015 by Arnaud Grunwald

It's too Late if it's on Glassdoor

When a negative review shows up on forums and sites like Glassdoor, the chance to be proactive is long past.  A poor review of your company can often be a kiss of death from a talent acquisition and brand perspective.

Setting up a listening culture at your company can catch these potential issues very early, and nip them in the bud.  This is one of the bigger benefits of employee engagement.

The typical way most companies try to solve for this is by administering annual employee satisfaction and engagement surveys.  However, given that these are usually done once a year, take at least six months to prepare, deliver and analyze, many HR leaders are finding them less than effective. With the fast transforming nature of the modern workplace, below are a few reasons why you need to think outside the box!

If Your Employees Aren't Telling you....They're Telling Someone Else

Most employees find it too risky to approach management with new ideas, difficult questions and opinions. The old-school "suggestion box" concept was born to solve for this challenge.  Anonymity has always been the preferred method for employee opinions, suggestions or feedback and if you don’t provide your employees a means to speak up safely, they are probably talking about these issues in non-public forums you do not have access to. The rumor mill is not a good source of information.

Today’s workforce - increasingly comprised of millennials is extremely social. If they aren't given an internal forum for open communication, many people will resort to communicating through public forums like Glassdoor, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Employee Retention Rates Drop When Employees Feel They Aren't Heard

In today’s job market, even the best performers can leave the company if they feel that they are not being heard and their issues and ideas are not being addressed. In particular, the turnover rate for millennials has been shown to be very high, with most only staying at a job for 3 years.  If they are being actively listened to by their leaders, this rate drops significantly.

Establishing a listening and feedback culture internally is very effective at engaging your employees, catching issues when they have not yet caused big damage, and reducing the likelihood of disgruntled employees affecting your company brand.

Knowing your employee's needs before the internet does, should be a primary goal when dealing with your workforce.  Relying on real-time interaction, active listening, and a proactive approach to problem solving, should guarantee that you will never see a 1 star rating on any review site for your company.

What have you put in place in your company to engage your employees to express themselves internally?