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LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Nov 25th ’15 Edition

November 25, 2015 by Emeline Viot

LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) – Nov 25th ’15 Edition

For this week's LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) Edition, we have a round up of a few interesting articles for you. First off, Meghan Brio talks about how, with Generation Y & Generation Z taking over, we need to start having a futurist's perspective on the new workplace.  Following that is a great article by Andre Lavoie talking about how managers need to take into account peer relationships between their employees to maximize team performance. And finally, to wrap up, we have a few great articles on how to boost employee engagement. Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

Think Like a Workplace Futurist

by Meghan M Biro@MeghanMBiro

"Younger generations are adjusting to the new world of work as much as their older colleagues; it's the technology, not any one generation, that's pushing workplace boundaries."

How to Transform Difficult Employees Into Team Players

by Andre Lavoie@aglavoie

"As a manager, you can’t ignore the impact of your employees’ relationships with each other.
By fostering better co-worker relations, you can create a more productive and higher performing company."

The Top Thing Employees Want From Their Bosses, and It's Not a Promotion

by Andre Lavoie - @aglavoie

"One way to give employees more freedom over how they work is to shift the focus from to-do lists and deadlines to goals and objectives -- quantity to quality."

Down to Business: Seven tips for sales force engagement

by Andy Singer

"An engaged sales force is a motivated sales force. It's essential you have a strategy in place to assure sales force engagement. Sales force team members who are engaged are not only more productive; they become advocates for your organization."

A finger on the pulse of employee engagement

by Adam Hall - @AdamHallTW

"Technology advances provide easier, faster and cost-effective ways of gathering employee feedback through smaller scale survey activities which can be a great supplement to more in-depth employee opinion surveys."

The top 4 things bosses can do to boost staff engagement

by Akankasha Dewan

"Those workers who stated they are confident in how their bosses are leading the company towards success significantly higher levels of engagement (86%) than those who are less likely to have such confidence (28%)."