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Introducing LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) - Nov 19th '15 Edition

November 19, 2015 by Emeline Viot

Introducing LEED (Le Employee Engagement Digest) - Nov 19th '15 Edition

Given the importance of staying ahead of the latest Employee Engagement news, we here at Hyphen will be bringing you a weekly LEED edition (Le Employee Engagement Digest) - a quick weekly round-up of the most interesting articles that you will want to keep up with.  To kick off our inaugural edition, we have great articles that cover the question of if your happy workers themselves are engaged. We also have a great article on what companies can learn from Amazon's feedback system that they have put in place after the recent dust-up over aggressive practices at the company. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we had putting together for you!

Employee engagement: are your happy workers disengaged? 

by Penny Loveless

"Engagement is an active state, whereas happiness is not. When employees are happy but not engaged, they often unconsciously resist change as they don’t want to upset the status quo or change the conditions that are making them happy. But when they’re engaged, they recognise where change is needed and have the appetite, ambition and determination to push through barriers that those less engaged believe to be insurmountable."

Where Google, Apple, and Amazon employees want to work next

by Lydia Dishman@LydiaBreakfast

"45% of tech employees say they want more of a work-life balance, but that their current job doesn’t allow it."

What Amazon’s Employee Feedback System Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

by Alex Espenson - @alexespenson

"This is how Amazon went from being a notoriously difficult place to work to one that’s become one of the most enjoyable." "Honest feedback is essential for business success and positive employee engagement."

Employee Engagement: The New Source of Competitive Advantage

by Thomas Buus Madsen @TBuusM

"Engaged employees, who willingly perform beyond what is set out in their job description, are perceived as the new source of competitive advantage. This is particularly the case in the high-contact service sector where employee behavior can have a critical effect on customer behavior, brand loyalty and overall on brand reputation."

10 Ways to Create a Corporate Culture for Employee Engagement

by Linjuan Rita Men @RitaMen_UF

"Culture and employee engagement issues have become the primary challenge in businesses around the world"

Peers, not bosses, are the top drivers of employee engagement

by Aditi Sharma Kalra @Aditi_HRmag

"Employees feel engaged by their peers and HR can help encourage this by providing access to sharing and collaboration platforms and social tools"