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What I am expecting from #HRTechConf

October 12, 2015 by Arnaud Grunwald

What I am expecting from #HRTechConf

Las Vegas will be the capital of Employee Engagement next week - can we expect Tesla giveaways like at #Dreamforce15? 

#HRTechConf!! It's been presented to me as "there is nothing else like HR Tech". Not "There is nothing else in the space of HR", no. More like "There is nothing else. Period". So the reader will understand that I have to set my expectations to avoid being disappointed! Here are my 10 goals, laid out very openly:

1) I want to show off the hard work that we at Hyphen have done over the past 6 months, and get feedback from HR practitioners. We will have a booth in the popular Startup Pavilion, so I am not expecting less than talking to 150 of them. I will count business cards and report.
2) I want to get feedback from HR Tech veterans and I have a crazy Tuesday morning with 10 meetings in 6 hours with top industry analysts. Hope to get real advice that will make us course correct where needed and accelerate our growth.
3) I want to meet with investors to prepare the future of Hyphen. For that reason, I am attending #HRTechTank on Sunday morning, and will be presenting to a panel of savvy HR Tech VCs and innovators with the goal of getting a sense for how we stack up in their minds vs. other startups that have recently funded.
4) I want to roam around the Expo Hall and have semi-random conversations. I want to learn how companies are marketing themselves in this space. Can we borrow a couple of ideas for our website, our collaterals, our sales pitch?
5) I want to meet, serendipitously and not, with potential partners. Hyphen generates such awesome data and insight, who will be most interested in building on it? Wellness companies? Rewards & Recognition companies? HR Consultants?
6) I want to have dinner with interesting and nice HR people. For now neither my cofounder Ranjit not I have dinner plans, but we sure hope to make good encounters at the booth and ask on the spot "Why don't we grab dinner tonight?". The industry is new to us, why not make a few friends?
7) I want to attend a minimum of 2 parties on Sunday, 2 parties on Monday, 2 parties on Tuesday, but be back at the hotel at 1am latest to be in a good shape the next day.
8) I want to help a great cause #HRGivesBack to a Future without Parkinson's that is very close to my heart, because my mother has been living with the disease for the past 17 years. There will be activities and easy ways to generate cash for the Michael J Fox foundation, I want to help the organizers promote and reach their goals. Please, please donate here and/or here, every $50 makes a huge difference.
9) Speaking of which, William Tincup has auctioned off his do for #HRGivesBack and has reached his fund-raising goal (but you can still donate   here) , so I want to see the ceremony where his beard and hair will get cut off! Will William's guidance to Hyphen be better or worse without the hair? ;)
10) I want to be exhausted after 3.5 days of intense networking and conversations, sleep on the plane back to San Francisco, and kiss my girlfriend... and then go see one of her favorite bands, Christine and the Queens, at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Work hard, play hard!
What about you, what are your expectations?
See y'all in Vegas!